Method Endpoint Returns
GET /api/history/{address} Returns list of BTNS transactions
Return Values

The returned values will vary based on the transaction type. The values that will be consistent in every transaction are listed below.

Value Type Description
data Array Transaction history data
source String Source address
status String Status of the transaction
timestamp Integer A UNIX timestamp of when the transaction was processed by the network
tx_hash String Transaction Hash
tx_index Integer Transaction Index
action String The transaction ACTION (ISSUE, MINT, SEND, etc.)
total Integer Total number of transactions
Example Response
    "data": [{
            "action": "SEND",
            "amount": "1",
            "block_index": 802262,
            "destination": "bc1q50kxp76j9l0k9jgwasvcz4mcz0v03fv2y5pdxx",
            "memo": "",
            "source": "1JDogZS6tQcSxwfxhv6XKKjcyicYA4Feev",
            "status": "valid",
            "tick": "JDOG",
            "timestamp": 1691523030,
            "tx_hash": "286e468ce60d397b078bdc3641d8ddb4e3f6a6bb670a032cad4a74eb4a9f1a7a",
            "tx_index": 1880
            "action": "MINT",
            "amount": "1",
            "block_index": 802135,
            "destination": null,
            "source": "1JDogZS6tQcSxwfxhv6XKKjcyicYA4Feev",
            "status": "valid",
            "tick": "LISTALLOW",
            "timestamp": 1691437073,
            "tx_hash": "ca71b08ca29e2434e030cb7b51fb78df85e02b67c9b73d6637399cdfb771ce18",
            "tx_index": 1854
            "action": "ISSUE",
            "allow_list": "29b362ef55d9dc10bde6e110b62772a466f6acc3267f80e782e59e5cc1e97411",
            "block_index": 802127,
            "block_list": null,
            "callback_amount": null,
            "callback_block": null,
            "callback_tick": null,
            "decimals": 0,
            "description": "Test token for testing ALLOW list functionality",
            "lock_callback": false,
            "lock_description": false,
            "lock_mint": false,
            "lock_rug": false,
            "lock_sleep": false,
            "lock_supply": false,
            "max_mint": "10",
            "max_supply": "10",
            "mint_supply": "0",
            "source": "1JDogZS6tQcSxwfxhv6XKKjcyicYA4Feev",
            "status": "valid",
            "tick": "LISTALLOW",
            "timestamp": 1691432388,
            "transfer": null,
            "transfer_supply": null,
            "tx_hash": "d5a0a96299a73709694f1d23619b481726ce53d31c9f3747e4cedc771ba53106",
            "tx_index": 1846
    "total": 3